• Schedule of Fees

To learn more about our brokerage and advisory fees, click on the appropriate custodian below.

Your statements and confirms may not itemize these fees and not all fees apply to all accounts. The fee listed is the highest fee rate and your account type may charge a fee lower than the disclosed fee. Brokers Financial may wave a fee at its sole discretion.

Fees listed are in addition to any commissions, advisory fees, mark-ups, or commission equivalents that your financial professional (registered representative or investment advisor representative) charges to effect transactions within your account. For more information regarding commissions, advisory fees, mark-ups or commission equivalents, please discuss with your financial professional.

Brokers Financial’s Schedule of Fees

For accounts held at Pershing (brokerage and advisory):

For accounts held at TD Ameritrade (advisory):

For accounts held at Charles Schwab (advisory):

Schedules as of July 1, 2020


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